Monday, December 3, 2012

Lions and Turbines and Blogs, Oh My!

Ah, November -- it is so good to have you behind us! What a month, huh?

Much of last week was spent A) being pretty sick, and B) finishing three magazine features that were all due on the same day. Silly me, not double-checking my calendar before accepting those deadlines.

Oh well, I still managed to write several new articles, and others that I finished the week before turned up online. Here's the list, starting with my two Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American and then segueing into a nice batch of articles for Mother Nature Network:

African Lions Move Closer to US Endangered Species Act Protection [This was also reprinted by Mother Jones.]

Cane Toads, Blue Whales, Red Wolves and Other Updates from the Brink 

Marijuana legalization: Is it really legal?

Cape Wind gets OK for power purchase contract with NSTAR

Melting ice could release old viruses

Cyberslacking actually boosts workplace productivity

eFarmony: Connecting landowners with farmers

There's a whole lot more on the horizon. You keep reading 'em, I'll keep writing 'em!

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