Monday, August 5, 2013

Giant tortoises, clean air and nakedness

Well that was weird. Using the words "naked ladies" in one of my headlines last week actually brought in a ton of readers. Go figure. Who would have expected that?

Anyway, last week saw the publication of five new articles -- I know, far below my weekly average, but don't you worry, I have dozens of new articles in the works (so many I'm afraid to count them all) and there will be plenty more to read in the coming weeks.

As to this week's articles, the first two in the list below come from my Extinction Countdown column at Scientific American, while the next three appeared at Mother Nature Network. Which one do you think got the most readers? In any case, read on and enjoy!

Once Extinct in the Wild, Galapagos Giant Tortoises Return to Pinzon Island

Rare Naked Ladies Crocus Infected with Even Rarer Smutty Fungus

Indoor air pollution in the developing world: The silent killer

Court lifts ban on cloned horses

Alaska is swarming in mosquitoes this year

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