Monday, August 26, 2013

Owls and Sea Monsters

Ah, the last weeks of summer. August is already turning to Autumn (at least here in Maine, where the leaves already have the slightest hint of color) and everyone seems desperate to squeeze in a few last moments of fun and relaxation before the season comes to a close. Me, I'm enjoying the cool breeze through the open window and writing, writing, writing.

This past week only brought four newly published articles -- far fewer than average, I know -- but I worked on quite a few others, some of which may see publication this coming week, others of which could take another month or two to turn up. By then, I'll probably have taken some days off myself, enjoying the best Maine has to offer during its most pleasant months.

That's the future, though. As the man said, we're interested in the future because that's where we'll spend the rest of our lives. But this blog is about the recent past, providing links to my most recent articles, not talking about days yet to come, so let's get to it and start with the linkage.

First up, this week's two articles for Scientific American:

World's Largest Owl Needs Equally Large Trees and Forests (But it's More Complex Than That)

Egg Swap for Operatic New Zealand Birds a Success, but Invasive Predators Create Discord

Next (and last), two new posts for Mother Nature Network:

White House goes solar (Third time's the charm?)

Mysterious dead sea creature washes ashore in Spain, world gasps (I may have had too much fun writing this one)

That's it for this time around. For more, make sure to follow me on Twitter. I'll announce the latest links as they happen, so we can all live in the present and not the past or future.

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