Monday, September 16, 2013

Atomic bats, missing vipers, mutant lobsters and giant salamanders

Good lord, I published a lot of articles last week!

Freelancing often is a game of scheduling. You balance your workload by day, week and month. You balance your income, with the jobs that will pay quickly against the jobs that will pay eventually. You plan out when you can conduct interviews and when you can write and when you can promote yourself and your work. And once in a while you can pencil in a few hours to have fun.

One think freelancers often don't have control over is when their articles will actually appear. This past week ended up being a case in point, as several long-in-the-works articles all appeared at the same time.

What does that mean? Nothing, other than the fact that you have a lot of reading ahead of you!

I'll start this week's list, as I usually do, with my two Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American:

Viper Collectors Nearly Wiped Out This Rare Turkish Snake; Saint Louis Zoo Helps to Save It

U.S. to Destroy 6 Tons of Confiscated Ivory, Sending Message to Poachers

Next up, another endangered species article, this time for the new issue of Conservation Magazine. This article is up online ahead of the print issue, which should be hitting mailboxes any moment now:

To the Bat Bunker!

Meanwhile, my cover article for SEJournal, the magazine of the Society of Environmental Journalists, is now online, a month or so after the release of the print issue:

The Endangered Species Act at 40: Forty Things Journalists Should Know

Switching gears for a moment, here's my latest technology careers article for IEEE-USA's Today's Engineer:

Where are the Tech Jobs?

And finally, here's a whole bunch of new stories for Mother Nature Network (including, yup, one more about an endangered species):

Giant hellbender salamanders benefit from water temperature fluctuations

Canoes for a Cause: A brewer inspires volunteers to help clean America's waterways

Pollution in Florida's Lake Okeechobee swells to near-disaster levels

Amazing 6-clawed lobster gets reprieve from the dinner table

Global warming? Some say Arctic is actually cooling [Spoiler alert: it's not]

Fears mount at Mount Fuji

Boy, I'm tired just typing all of that! There will lots more this coming week. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest headlines as they go live!

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