Monday, December 2, 2013

Okapi, robotics and a horrible history

If it's Monday morning, it must be time for my weekly look back at the articles of the previous seven days. Of course, it was a short week, marked by the Thanksgiving holiday (I hope yours went well; I had pie), so there were fewer articles than usual.

Let's start with my Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American

'Forest Giraffe' Now Endangered: Okapi Populations Drop 50 Percent in 18 Years

Sunday Species Snapshot: Daggernose Shark

Next up, two newsy items for Mother Nature Network:

Extremely tiny robot floats through the air — like a jellyfish

Why the FDA told genetic testing company 23andMe to cease marketing

And finally this week, a horrifying slice of history that was written for MNN but which fit better at their sister site, Treehugger:

Thomas Edison: Inventor, genius ... elephant killer?

In non-article news, the fourth edition of LORE -- the horror-SF-fantasy anthology series for which I serve as contributing editor -- is now available. I hope you'll check it out.

By the way, this weekend marked my seventh anniversary as a freelance writer. I wonder what will happen in year # 8?

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