Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 starts with a roar (of sadness)

Wow, are we 13 days into the New Year already? My, how time flies when you're busy writing. This is my first list of article links for 2014, which contains a bit more than my usual weekly reports so you probably have a bit of reading to do!

I'm happy to say that the year is off to a great start. In addition to the published links below, I am also working on several big features that will appear over the coming months, including one that won't see print until May. Yup, I'm a busy guy!

But although that's the present for me, it's the future for you. This blog is about the recent past, so here are the links from the first week-plus of 2014.

Let's start with a few Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American:

Shocking Study Finds Lions are Nearly Extinct in West Africa [This was one of my most popular articles ever.]

New Population of Critically Endangered Rabbits Found in (of All Places) a Nature Reserve

Sunday Species Snapshot: Forest Owlet [This inspired a pretty neat article on Boing Boing.]

And here are two history articles and several news pieces for Mother Nature Network:

'Bring 'Em Back Alive': How one explorer changed what we know about animals

If you love pandas, you have one amazing woman to thank

Emperor penguins spotted climbing cliffs to avoid climate change

Ferreted away: Who's stealing the UK's ferrets?

Global warming could drive world temperatures up 7 degrees by 2100

Actual glow-in-the-dark pigs created by Chinese scientists

Poisoned oaks, now gone, loom large at Auburn University

Several of these articles were also reprinted by the Huffington Post. I won't overwhelm you with the links, though!

That's it for now. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest links as they happen. See you next Monday!

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