Monday, April 7, 2014

Lizards, Scooters and Firefighters

This might seem like a fairly light week, with only five published articles instead of the usual eight or so, but that doesn't convey how many articles I have in the editorial pipeline waiting for publication.

(There are a lot of them.)

But until those pieces turn up, here are last week's five fresh new articles -- from the pages of Scientific American, TakePart and Mother Nature Network -- presented for your eyeballs and enjoyment:

Unusual Night Lizard Returns after Eradication of Invasive Species

Sunday Species Snapshot: Puerto Rican Parrot

Sweet save! Firefighter Rescues Boa Constrictor Named Chocolate Chip From Burning House

Voila! Electric scooter folds up into a briefcase

Emoticon evolution: 21 different emotions mapped by new computer program

Come back next Monday for more -- or follow me on Twitter for links as they happen.

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