Monday, June 23, 2014

Animals and Engineers

This week's articles break down into two pretty clear categories: wildlife and technology. Let's get to the linkage!

First up, two "Extinction Countdown" columns for Scientific American:

Pygmy Sloths Could Gain Much-Needed Endangered Species Protection

After Near-Extinction, Recovery Declared for Two Island Foxes

Next, my latest wildlife and poaching articles for TakePart:

Asia's Demand for Apes is Spurring a Deadly Illegal Trade

Bald Eagles Are Dying of Lead Poisoning and Hunters Are to Blame

And here's one more short wildlife article, time time for Mother Nature Network:

Smithsonian cries uncle on bugs

Shifting to the technology side, here's my latest careers article for IEEE-USA's Today's Engineer:

Career Focus: Quality Assurance Engineering

And here's my first blog post for one of my oldest clients, IEEE's The Institute:

Tesla Motors’ Patents Up for Grabs: Any Takers?

Finally this week, here's a technology article for Mother Nature Network's new sister site, ReThink Israel:

Students combine video game and GPS tech to help the blind

That's it for this time around. Join me next week for another batch of new articles!

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