Monday, June 16, 2014

Sex-crazed marsupials and other science

Hey there, Monday. How have you been? Did you have a nice weekend? Are you ready to get to work, or you do you still need a few things to read over breakfast and your morning coffee? What's that, you're still taking it easy? Perfect! Here are several brand-new articles for you to read while your brain finishes waking up.

First up, two new endangered species articles for Scientific American:

Island Sanctuary Could Save Sex-Crazed Northern Quoll

Should We Stop Selling Nautilus Shells? (this was also reprinted by Salon)

Next we have my latest wildlife and poaching articles for TakePart:

World's Cutest Anteater Increasingly Threatened by Poachers

George R.R. Martin Wants to Kill You to Save Some Wolves

And finally, here are some science/medicine stories for Mother Nature Network and its affiliated sites:

Could a medicine used to treat gout also save our citrus?

Researchers find protein that may help reverse Alzheimer's

New research could help the blind 'see' colors and shapes

There now, that should have you stimulated more than a cuppa java. Time to get to work! (Me too -- I've got more articles to write!)

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