Monday, June 30, 2014

Extinctions, Poaching and Smart Cities

It's a crazy, awesome, exciting time here at Platt Editorial. In addition to working on a whole bunch of new articles and other top-secret projects, I'm also preparing to move from Maine to Portland, Oregon. That big transition won't happen until early August, but a lot of the planning took part last week. With that out of the way (well, most of it) I'll spend all of July writing so I can once again get into moving mode around August 1.

Expect more news on the move soon, but for now, here are last week's five new articles. Let's start with two "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American:

Bye-Bye Tricolored Blackbird as Population Crashes 44 Percent in 3 Years

Japan Could Lose 561 Plant Species by the Next Century

Now we have my latest wildlife and poaching articles for TakePart:

The Government Wants to Shoot 16,000 Birds to Save the Coho Salmon

CSI Melghat: DNA Evidence Helps Convict Tiger Poachers in India

And finally, here's a new blog article for IEEE's The Institute:

Whose Smart City Is It Anyway?

More next Monday!

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