Monday, October 20, 2014

All extinction, all the time

Last week's four published articles were all about endangered or threatened species. Obviously that's my main beat, but I usually have at least something else in the mix. Anyway, here are four not-so-positive articles from the pages of Scientific American and TakePart:

A Wild Idea: Save Tasmanian Devils While Controlling Killer Cats

Sage Grouse and Oil Drilling Can Co-Exist, Says New Report

Watch Out, Kangaroos: Poisonous Cane Toads Are Evolving Into Even Deadlier Invaders

China Is Pushing the Rare Pig-Nosed Turtle to Extinction

What you don't see from this list, of course, is all of the other stuff that I'm working on. I have quite a few articles about technology, history, science and philanthropy working their way through the system. Look for them soon -- along with more extinction-related news.

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