Monday, October 6, 2014

Bad news on top of bad

Man, I write about some depressing stuff. I usually try to balance that with some positive topics as well, but this week's published articles were pretty much all bleak. Oh, sure, there's progress in each story, but collectively they sure add up to one big bummer.

Here are the links -- from Scientific American and TakePart -- to help you start your week off with a dark tone:

Deforestation Threatens Newly Identified Bird in Brazil

Sloth Bears Confirmed Extinct in Bangladesh

Two for One: Saving Sage Grouse Also Helps Protect Mule Deer

Australia’s Sea Cows Struggle to Survive Poachers

Don't worry -- I have a bunch of uplifting articles in the works as well. Those should start to appear this week. Follow me on Twitter for links as they happen!

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