Monday, April 6, 2015

Zoos, Evil Chocolate, 3-D Printing, Polar Bears and Chinese Smog

Holy freakin' cow I published a lot of articles this past week -- 10 articles from five different publishers! No wonder my fingers hurt all weekend!

With so much to read, I'll skip the big preamble. Instead, I'll start you off with this week's "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American:

How Zoos Acquire Endangered Species

Is Chocolate Driving Monkeys into Extinction?

Next up, three eco-themed articles for TakePart:

The Big Reason the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Is Not Over

Seafood Surprise: A Third of These Species Faces Extinction

Forget Secondhand Smoke—Start Worrying About Secondhand Smog

Sticking with wildlife, here's my second article for South Africa's Earth Touch Network:

Climate change will scramble polar bears' diets – and eggs aren’t the solution

Switching gears, my latest technology careers article came out in IEEE's The Institute this week:

Thirty-Five Percent of Engineering Jobs Now Require 3-D Printing Skills

And finally, three of my earlier articles from The Institute and Today's Engineer were revised and updated in the IEEE Spectrum 2015 New Career Guide.

That's it for this time around -- stay tuned for more next Monday! If you can't wait that long, follow me on Twitter, where I'll share the latest headlines as they happen.

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