Monday, March 30, 2015

Banking on extinction and other horrors

People who knew me in the early days of my writing career often ask me, "why did you stop writing horror?"

I didn't. I just don't write much fiction anymore.

This week's articles for TakePart and Scientific American cover some pretty horrifying topics, but don't let that warning stop you from reading. Like any good horror story every article is also populated by people doing good, vital work to push back the darkness.

Let's get to the links, starting with one of my most important articles ever:

China’s Wealthy Are Banking on Extinction

Earth’s Forests Are Broken

Buzz Kill: Hundreds of European Bee Species Threatened With Extinction

The Reason This Unique and Critically Endangered Porpoise Is Smiling

Hungry Polar Bears Could Soon Start Devastating Bird Populations

Keeping Tiny Delta Smelt Alive in Captivity Is No Small Feat

Sunday Species Snapshot: Swift Parrot

That's it for this week. I know that the coming week will have a few more strictly positive stories, so stay tuned for them!

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