Monday, August 24, 2015

Robots, Super-Predators and Poop

Ah, another Monday. Mine starts with a cuppa tea, a glance at Facebook and a list of my publications from the previous week.

Speaking of which, here's that list, starting with two interesting "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American:

That's a tree kangaroo, in case you were wondering.
Poop Could Help Save Rare Tree Kangaroo from Extinction

The Cuckoo Reason Why These Bumblebees May Go Extinct

Next up, two important articles for TakePart:

U.S. Cracks Down on Mexican Seafood After Turtle Deaths

Meet the Super-Predator Wiping Out the World’s Wildlife

And finally, here's my latest technology careers feature for IEEE-USA InSight:

Career Focus: The Three *New* Laws of Roboticists

Well, I think pulling that list together earned me another cuppa tea. Have a great week!

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