Monday, August 17, 2015

Zombie Seals, Failed Amphibians and Dead Coyotes

Hey folks, welcome to my regular Monday morning link wrap-up. This week brings you a pretty wide mix of stories, all of which deserve your clicks.

Photo by Derek Mead
We'll start the list with my second feature for Vice magazine's Motherboard imprint, a heartwarming tale of an impending apocalypse:

The Sneeze That Could Wipe Out Hawaii’s Seals

Next up, three new wildlife articles for TakePart:

Poachers Aren’t Going to ‘Like’ These Tech Companies Teaming Up to Fight the Ivory Trade

U.S. to World: You’d Better Protect Whales and Dolphins If You Want Us to Eat Your Seafood

Activists Score Victory in Effort to Stop the Government Killing of Millions of Animals

Just one "Extinction Countdown" article for Scientific American this week, but it asks a pretty big question:

Are Zoos Failing Amphibians?

And finally, here's something completely different, for IEEE's The Institute. If you know any smart kids, point 'em in this direction:

Calling All Students: Create an Animation Focused on Smart Technologies

That's it in terms of articles that I wrote last week, but here's one more (about birding) that quotes me:

Change in slow motion

As always, thanks for reading! Join me here next week or follow me on the tweet machine for headlines as they happen.

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