Monday, September 21, 2015

Painful Polar Bears and Umbrella Pandas

Whoa, it's Monday again! I'm back in the saddle after a weekend at Rose City Comic Con here in Portland, where I really dove into learning things for two of my goals for the next year: writing about comics more and doing some journalism in comics form.

You won't see any of that in today's article list, though. This week's links are all conservation-oriented. There's some powerful and painful stuff here -- but also a few heroes. Hey, just like comics!

I'll start with my two "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American, this second of which is actually just a link to an interview I did for KCRW radio last week:

Giant Panda Conservation Also Helps Other Unique Species in China

The Polar Bear Photo Seen around the World

I also had three articles out from TakePart, two of which had interesting parallels to each other:

Stress Takes Toll on Elephants Forced to Work in Myanmar’s Timber Industry

Poaching and Illegal Logging Are Wiping Out Ghana’s Birds

Swordfish Industry Ordered to Stop Killing Endangered Whales and Sea Turtles

That's it for this week. I should have several interesting new articles out this coming week. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for links as they happen!

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