Monday, November 16, 2015

Albatross! (and other stuff)

"Albatross!" .... is a line that does not occur in my article.
Like a lot of journalists, I usually end my interviews about a specific topic by asking "what else should we be talking about?" That doesn't always lead very far, but once in a while I strike gold. That happened recently, and it turned into this article for Motherboard:

A Gigapixel Camera Turned This Island into an Albatross 'Truman Show'

On a more normal, timely note, here are two awful news-oriented stories for TakePart. (No, the topics are awful! The stories are fine.)

Poachers Are Hunting Down the World’s Last Wild Sumatran Rhinos

The Dutch Ban Fur Farms That Kill 6 Million Mink a Year

Finally this week, here are two fun new science stories for (you guessed it) Scientific American:

Another New Tool for Seal Conservation: Snow Shovels

"Living Dead" Weevil Gets Another Shot at Surviving

That's it for this week's headlines. More in the days, weeks and months to come!

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