Monday, November 2, 2015

Lions, Leopards and Logs - A Week of Wildlife Crime

Hey folks, welcome to another Monday link list. This week definitely has a theme: Wildlife and other environmental crimes.

We'll start the list with two new articles for Scientific American:

Lions in Peril: Big Cats Face 50 Percent Decline in Next 20 Years

Clouded Leopards Threatened by Sudden Increase in Poaching and Live Trade

(And here's one other short, holiday-timely SciAm post linking to some older stories:)

Ghosts, Devils and Graveyards: An Extinction Countdown Halloween

Back to crime time, here are three new articles for TakePart (okay, the third one is just about endangered species):

The ‘Devil’ Gets His Due: Elephant Poaching Kingpin Arrested

Demand for Expensive Furniture Is Fueling Illegal Logging in Indonesia

Native Americans Fight to Keep the Grizzly Bear on the Endangered Species List

That's it for this week! More next Monday. I'll have more endangered species articles all week long, and some of my technology careers articles should be working their way toward publication. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for headlines as they happen.

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