Monday, November 9, 2015

Snail Week! (and other stuff, too)

This week's articles brought an unexpected theme: snails! I've actually written about snails and other mollusks quite a few times, but never twice in one week. They're both pretty cool stories. Here they are, one for Scientific American and another for TakePart:

Stowaway Snail Helps Save Species from Extinction

World’s Tiniest Snails Discovered on Borneo

Here's another SciAm article, the latest chapter in a saga I've been following since 2010:

70 Percent of the World's Saiga Antelopes Mysteriously Wiped Out

And here are two more TakePart articles, the second of which is my latest tie-in to a TV show called "The Operatives":

California’s Illegal Pot Farms Are Killing Rare Animals

Take a Look Inside the Lives of Captive Dolphins

Finally, here's my latest careers article for IEEE's The Institute:

IEEE Communications Society Rolls Out Four New Courses

That's it for now. Will another theme emerge next week? Stay turned to find out!

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