Monday, January 11, 2016

First articles of 2016!

Happy New Year, folks! (Well, happy eleven days into the new year, but you get the drift.)

Things are already hopping in front of the old keyboard here. I wrote four articles in the first work week of 2016 and put about twice as many others in motion. It's going to be a busy, fun, exciting, interesting year!

As usual, here's my weekly link list of the previous week's publications. I'll start this time with three new articles for TakePart, including my first article specifically about climate change in quite a while:

A New Threat Lurks in Greenland's Melting Ice

The U.S. Military Could Wipe Out This Tiny Pacific Island Bird

Farming Frogs Can Save Them From Extinction

I also got moving on this year's "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American with this update on one of my favorite species:

Are Florida Manatees A Conservation Success Story or Are They Still in Danger?

That's it this time around. Join me on Twitter for more headlines as they happen, or come on by here next Monday for the full list.

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