Monday, January 18, 2016

Mermaid Ivory and Other Conundrums

2016 is off to an amazing start. As January rockets ahead I find myself working on a ton of new articles -- many of which will challenge both me (as a writer) and you (as the reader). It's going to be a fun and interesting year, let me tell you.

But enough about the future. Let's look at last week, which brought forth four new articles from my keyboard. Here are the first two, for Scientific American:

The Surprising (and Mostly Legal) Trade in "Mermaid Ivory"

From Dune to Done? Drought Caused Sudden Decline in Rare Lizard's Genetic Diversity

And here are two more, for TakePart:

These Are the Most Dangerous Kinds of Plastic Polluting the Ocean

See Where Wild Bees Are Disappearing Across the U.S.

On a completely different note, I also got interviewed about how journalists can get the most out of scientific conferences. I think I learned more from what other writers had to say, to be honest, but you can check the whole thing out here.

That's it for this week. More headlines next Monday, or follow me on Twitter for headlines as they happen.

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