Monday, May 23, 2016

Bird Week + Ugly Critters, Eaten Lemurs and Melting Glaciers

Greetings friends, readers, enemies, passers-by and other people with eyeballs! It's time for my weekly list of links to my articles from the previous seven days. I have some great stories for you this week, so let's start with my favorite, my issue for the June 2016 print issue of Scientific American, which is already online:

Ugly Critters Get No Love

Speaking of SciAm, here are two more "Extinction Countdown" articles for them:

Who Eats Lemurs? The Answer Is More Complex Than You'd Think

Here's a List of Every At-Risk Bird Species in North America (All 432 of Them)

Finally this week, here are two new pieces for TakePart, one of which is kinda hopeful and the other of which should have you sweating in your socks:

There’s New Hope for Saving the U.S.’ Most Endangered Bird

One of Antarctica’s Biggest Glaciers Is Eroding Faster Than Thought

That's it for this time around. Join me next Monday, same blog time, same blog station, for another link list. Of follow me on the thing that sounds like a bird to get headlines and other links as they happen.

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