Monday, May 16, 2016

Turtle Week (plus a whole lot more)

Hey folks, welcome to the 400th post here on the old John Platt Article Library.

This blog originally came into existence as a place for me to archive some of my old writing. Along the way, it also became an ongoing catalog of all of my current writing. Which, of course, is why we're here again today.

This week's publications include two new articles about sea turtles, including this one, my first contribution to Hakai magazine, about how drones are being used to study sea turtle sex:

Turtle Voyeurs

This week's "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American continued with the sea turtle theme, while also addressing deforestation and its effect on one of the world's rarest primates:

Should Tourists Swim with Endangered Sea Turtles?

Fractured Monkeys

Next up, three new articles for TakePart, two of which look at how global warming is messing with our wild species:

Drought Offers Insight Into How Species Will Fare in a Warming World

How Global Warming in the Arctic Kills Birds in the Tropics

Scientists Put Bees on the Menu

Finally this week, here's a short new piece for Audubon:

The Bison Joins the Bald Eagle as a Fellow Symbol of America

Oh, did I say "finally"? Not quite. I also made an appearance on the "Green Dudes" segment of the Green Divas radio show. You can listen to it here.

That's it for this time around. Join my next week for another list, or follow me on Twitter for links as they happen.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continued fascinating and sometimes troubling articles. So good to know what's going on with the other living things that share the world with us. That way, if there is something, anything we can do to help, we'll be more informed.