Monday, April 22, 2013

Insert hilarious yet meaningful headline here

Happy Earth Day! Today's articles have nothing to do with Earth Day -- although most of them are environmentally themed -- but what the heck, it's my favorite holiday so indulge me.

Anyway, here are this past week's articles for Scientific American and Mother Nature Network. They're all good articles, but you know what I'm really proud about? The headlines. I really came up with some good ones this week. Check 'em out below and see if you agree -- and then read the articles, too. You'll like 'em.

Chlamydia Is Killing Koalas—Will Genetics Find a Cure?

Pygmy Elephants, Asiatic Lions and Other Links from the Brink

Nanosponges could one day suck toxins right out of your veins

Giant, slimy, hungry African land snails are invading Florida

Idiots with spray paint and cameras force closure at Joshua Tree park

InsideClimate News wins Pulitzer Prize for oil spill reporting

75% of U.K. kids worried about climate change

I have some pretty amazing articles coming up this week, including one I've been working on for more than six months. Make sure to follow me on the Tweeter for links as they happen.

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