Monday, December 22, 2014

Year of the (almost extinct) rhino

As the year draws to a close, I find myself taking a rare break from the keyboard. It's been a long, busy year and I've written more words than I care to count. And so I have decided to take a bit of a vacation -- my first in years (not counting the move across the country this summer).

Of course no writer ever truly takes any time off. I still plan on writing a couple of short items before New Years, which will appear over the next two weeks. I also have a few items left in the publication queue which should appear before the end of 2014.

Until then, though, let's take a look at my articles that appeared this past week. I'll start with my two "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American, including my latest piece on the nearly extinct northern white rhino. How long until I write this species' obituary?

Another Northern White Rhino Dies, Only 5 Remain

Could Extinct Clouded Leopards be Reintroduced in Taiwan?

Next up, two wildlife articles for TakePart:

No Turtle Doves for Christmas?

White House Moves to Keep Fake Fish Off Your Dinner Plate

Switching gears, here's my latest technology careers article for Today's Engineer. This is actually my last piece for TE, not because I'm leaving them but because it's morphing into a new magazine. I have already turned in my first feature for the new publication, which will appear in January.

Career Focus: Circuits & Systems

And finally, here's a blog post for IEEE's The Institute:

Celebrating 25 Years of the World Wide Web

That's it for now. Happy holidays, one and all!

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