Monday, February 2, 2015

Birds, Apes, Cats and Otters

"They're killing me for my what????"
The end of January was all wildlife, all the time.

Well, that's what you'd think based on the published headlines. I worked on several other things that won't see publication for a while yet. I'm not complaining, though. These four articles all cover important topics and they all did very well in terms of readership.

First up, two articles for TakePart:

This Rare Bird is Worth More than Ivory to Poachers

It's Open Season on the Impossibly Cute River Otter

And here are two more articles for Scientific American:

Rescued Baby Orangutan Sheds Light on Cruel, Illegal Pet Trade

Rarely Seen Saharan Cheetah Revealed in Incredible Photos

That's it for this week. Look for another headline list in seven days!

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