Monday, February 16, 2015

Cute (but doomed) lemurs and other heart-wrenching stories

Happy Presidents' Day! This week's articles have absolutely nothing to do with stovepipe hats or cherry trees, but they are all worth your time -- probably more so than the holiday mattress sale at your friendly neighborhood retailer.

This was actually a light week for publications, with just three news articles hitting the interwebs. It wasn't a light work week, though. I have about a dozen features (plus more news articles) in various stages of completion. You can expect a whole heck of a lot of articles coming your way in March.

Until then, though, here's some holiday reading for you -- two articles for Scientific American and one for TakePart:

Gorgeous Blue-Eyed Lemur Faces Extinction in 11 Years

Critically Endangered Tarantula Links India and Sri Lanka

Saving Africa's Elephants--In the United States

That's it for today. You may now resume your presidential deal-shopping. More next week!

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