Monday, February 9, 2015

Tigers and other ferocious felines

Happy Monday, folks. I've got a pretty wide-ranging list of stories for you this week, so settle in.

First up, my two "Extinction Countdown" posts for Scientific American:

Tiger Populations in Nepal Can’t Grow without More Food and Space

Endangered Species and the Global Society: A Discussion with 360 Magazine [This is actually a Storify of a Twitter conversation I had with the magazine's editors and readers.]

Next, two new wildlife/poaching articles for TakePart:

Australia’s Secret Weapon to Kill Millions of Feral Cats and Save Endangered Marsupials

This Rare Philippine Turtle Is Being Driven to Extinction by Pet Owners

Finally this week, my first article for IEEE-USA InSight, the successor magazine to Today's Engineer, to which I have been contributing since 2007:

Pop Goes the Engineer

More next Monday!

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