Monday, February 15, 2016

River Monsters, Parrot Genes and Monkey Puzzles

 I love my job. Every week I get to write about some of the most interesting species on the planet. This week really proved that, with articles about weird trees, nearly extinct parrots, tiny primates, rare bees and amazing fish.

Let's start the list of last week's headlines with my newest "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American, including:

Every Member of This Rare Bird Species Is About to Get its Genome Sequenced

The Monkey Puzzle Tree Faces More Threats Than a Barrel of Monkeys

And here are three new articles for TakePart:

Tickle Me Not: Japan Revealed as Hub of Illegal Trade in Slow Lorises

A Mysterious River Monster Could Help Save Papua New Guinea’s Rainforests

Scientists Discover an Imperiled Bumblebee Bouncing Back in Unexpected Places

I have lots more in the works, some of which should be pending publication over the next few days. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest headlines as they happen.

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