Monday, February 1, 2016

Elephant Week + Impending Extinctions

Boy, the endangered species beat sure is keeping me busy these days. I published six articles last week, all about species that are either endangered, nearly extinct, or somewhat at risk.

But let's start with the one good-news story in the bunch. Here it is, my latest story for Vice's Motherboard imprint:

How Do You Save an Elephant’s Tusk? Ask a Materials Engineer

Next up, three new "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American:

The Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle Just Got 25 Percent Closer to Extinction

Think Manatees are Recovered? Look Farther South

Sleeping Sickness Parasite Susceptible to Extinction Because It Hasn't Had Sex in 10,000 Years

And rounding out this batch of publications, here are two new ones for TakePart, including my second elephant article for the week:

Zoos Pledge to Fight Palm Oil's Big Threat to Pygmy Elephants

Overhunting Tapirs, Monkeys, and Other Rainforest Animals Makes Climate Change Worse

Well, that's enough extinction news for one sitting. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for more happy news as it happens.

(Seriously, though, I know this is all heady stuff, but it's my privilege to tell these stories. Thanks for reading and for caring.)

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