Monday, April 9, 2012

Lots of scary stuff in this week's articles

Hoo-boy. I haven't written this many scary stories since I was actively working as a horror writer.

First up, this week's Extinction Countdown stories for Scientific American:

Hunting of Rare, Exotic Antelopes Now Limited under New U.S. Rule

Bat-Killing Fungus Continues Deadly Spread; Death Toll Now at 7 Million

(You can find all of my articles on the bat-killing white-nose syndrome found here.)

Next up, this week's articles for Mother Nature Network, each of which was frightening in its own particular way:

Was your chicken fed caffeine, arsenic, Prozac or banned antibiotics?

Is student loan debt threatening our economic recovery?

Sushi scare: FDA and CDC investigate salmonella outbreak in 19 states

Okay, not everything I wrote last week was scary. Here's an interesting career article for IEEE-USA's Today's Engineer:

Career Focus: Computer Science PostDocs

And finally, here are two not-scary "go green" blog posts for Green Hands USA:

Help Your Local Green Businesses with a Cash Mob

Celebrate Wildflowers at Your Favorite National Parks

This coming week will see more of the same, plus two new technology features. Meanwhile, I'm working on several new features and a bunch of other stuff. Stay tuned for linkage!

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