Monday, April 16, 2012

Rare reptiles, killer bees, small careers and the power of music

Here's the buzz on my latest articles...

This was a rare Extinction Countdown week where both stories brought good news:

Good News for Rare Amur Leopards and Tigers in Russia 

60 Rare Tuatara Reptiles Moved to Predator-Free New Zealand Island

Elsewhere, Mother Nature Network kept me busy with a wide variety of news stories:

Humane Society accuses Pennsylvania egg factory of animal cruelty

'Alive Inside': New documentary shows how music can reawaken Alzheimer's patients

Africanized bees found in Tennessee for first time [This one was reprinted by the Huffington Post.]

My latest engineering careers article appeared in IEEE's The Institute:

Nanotechnology: Big Opportunities for Those Who Think Small

And finally, three "green living" blog posts for Green Hands USA:

University of Florida Offers Adopt-A-'Swamp' Program

Iowa City Goes Paperless

Bloomberg Names Greenest Banks

I've got a busy week ahead, with two big features in the works and a few other things bouncing around. Stay tuned for the latest!

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