Monday, March 9, 2015

Living fossils, geriatric orangutans and more

March has definitely started like a lion. The first full week of the month brought opportunities for me to write several cool articles and to appear on a panel at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.

Regarding cool articles, let's start with this week's "Extinction Countdown" entry for Scientific American:

After 400 Million Years, Coelacanth at Risk of Extinction

Next up, several really great articles for TakePart:

Is That Wildlife Documentary Lying to You?

You Could Learn a Thing or Two About Living a Long Life From the World’s Oldest Orangutan

The Newest Comic Book Superheroes: The World’s Endangered Tigers

Finally, on a completely different note, here's my latest technology careers feature for IEEE's The Institute:

No Clear Path for Prospective Cybersecurity Specialists

That's it for now. Let's see if this lion-like month continues! 

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