Monday, March 2, 2015

Heroes, Orphans, Apes and Flowers

Holy cow, it's March! How did that happen already? You'd think February was a short month or something...

Well, February sure didn't feel short while it was still here. I worked my widdle fingers to the bone this month, and boy did I turn in some great articles. I'm especially fond of the work that came out the final week of the month, which hit all the emotions.

And of course, that brings us to this week's headlines. I'll start this with my first article for Earth Touch Network, which will both warm your heart and inspire you (and maybe make you a bit mad at the same time):

Orangutan orphan named 'Lisa' in tribute to terminally ill veterinarian

Next on this hit parade, two "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American:

Amur Leopard Population Booms—to 57

Critically Endangered Plant with Brilliant Purple Flowers Discovered in Hawaii

Finally, here are three new articles for TakePart which will fill you with awe, dread, rage and maybe rage again:

Poachers Target Journalists Investigating Rhino Killing

The Surprising Secret Lives of Crocodiles Could Offer New Insights About Your Brain

Chinese Palm Oil Plantations Are Destroying the Home of Africa’s Great Apes

This coming week will be equally huge, if not more so. Follow me on Twitter for the headlines as they happen!

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